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"As a songwriter, Mendoza has harnessed influences from across the spectrum - hard-driving rock, blues, punk and acoustic rock - into her impressive new album, Suicide On The AM Dial, released in January."

& The Strange Vacation 


"As a songwriter, Mendoza has harnessed influences from across the spectrum—hard-driving rock, blues, punk and acoustic rock—into her impressive new album, "Suicide On The AM Dial-  Tucson Weekly 


"You may have seen Amy Mendoza playing guitar and bass for several local pop/rock groups or sitting in with a large number of others. The consistent thread throughout her detours and travails is a sense of unfettered style and restless honesty..." Tucson Sentinel


"Amy Mendoza, originally from Bakersfield but based nowadays in Tucson, fits this description to a “T,” additionally serving up a measure of swagger and sensuality to the table that is nigh-on irresistible. On Suicide On the AM Dial she marshals her musicians—she on guitar/bass/vocals, Damon Barnaby on lead guitar and E.E. Mendoza on drums, plus a number of talented Old Pueblo guests, among them keyboardist Duncan Stitt, violinist Heather Hardy, guitarist Rich Hopkins and Hopkins’ wife Lisa Novak—for 11 songs’ worth of sun-kissed reverie. "      

— Fred Mills,  Blurt


"sweet, with a ballsy undertone" ...