Doug Floyd

Alabama-born and Arizona-raised, Doug’s 35 year musical journey has been influenced by the gospel, Elvis and country of his childhood; big band, funk and pop of his teen years; and the rock and metal underlying his formative years. A multi-TAMMIES winner, he's contributed to the Tucson music scene since 1983, currently performing with Funky Bonz, Amber Norgaard, The Jits, Bad Tourist, and Disciples of Prime.

& The Strange Vacation 

Damon Barnaby

Damon was born in New Orleans. He toured the northwestern United States with The Fabulous Kingpins, out of Moscow, Idaho. After he moved to Tucson in 2001, he joined Loveland, The Wyatts, and The Muffulettas. Damon has of late, been performing and recording with Rich Hopkins and Luminarios, the Jits, Mark Insley, and Bad Tourist.